Friday, October 7, 2011

It's October Already!

All I can say is that time has gone by very quickly and I have been very busy!

I have really been enjoying my job as librarian. There is a lot to do but I enjoy it so very much. I am the co-chair of a committee on resource development, have signed on to share running the spelling bee, co-ordinating the book fair, running the science club and oh yes, teaching! All this combined with moving to my apartment and just settling in has made it impossible to blog. All I want to do when I come home is have my dinner, wash up, read a bit then go to bed!!! It is already getting dark at 5 and by the time my train exits a short tunnel from Shinjuku station, it's already dark! Plus, there is no daylight savings time here so everybody at home will now be 14 hours behind me.

I am enjoying life in Tokyo very much. Apart from 2 nasty typhoons (one which I had to actually go through--I have never felt such wind!), and 3 tremors registering over 5 (the last one being on the night of the typhoon) life is just very, very busy. I am really enjoying the food here but as yet still need to be more adventurous when it comes to eating fish. So far, I've only had it at Carrie and Akihiro Ito's (and once when I thought I was getting chicken!) Not a lot of meat so I have been missing that a bit but I do eat yogurt and cheese to get some of my protein. The best thing has got to be the sweets, especially the bread which for those of you who know me has always been my weakness. Add a nice cup of coffee and I'm in foodie heaven! Not to mention the noodles and curry buns--oh I wish I could bring home some curry buns for you to try!

Well, Saturday morning and my laundry is out and hanging on the balcony drying, I've cleaned up somewhat and plan on spending the afternoon doing some grocery shopping and browsing in Senagawa, next station over where there is a really nice pedestrian shopping mall. In the meantime, here are some photos of my apartment. 'Til next time, Sayonara from Tokyo!

Shower Room

Hall/Entrance Bedroom
Living/Dining Room