Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Here!

Kitchen area

I arrived in Tokyo at approximately 6 pm Tokyo time on Sunday, August, 21. Everything went without a hitch (apart from a brief stint with immigration trying to clarify an error I made in filling out my form!)

After picking up my luggage, I went onto a bus that took me to my hotel for the night. Very nice with excellent service! I had a good night's sleep and in the morning was picked up by personnel from the school. There was another teacher who had also arrived and was staying at the same place as myself.

We arrived at our monthly "mansion" which is pretty much like a hotel room. I do believe that I may look into getting an apartment for myself as I don't think I could live here long term.

I've been walking around the area with my teacher friend just getting familiar with the streets, where the train station is,etc. There is certainly no shortage of places to eat and the shops have many of the same products as we carry at home.

Talk to you soon!

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