Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have been looking everywhere for examples of Japanese "Engrish" (not me being smart--it is an official language here in Japan!) It's been there all the time waiting for me to do a load of wash :)


  1. They desperately need better translaters. "Engrish"? Is that their way of acknowledging that they are in fact making up a new language?

  2. Good point--I think maybe! A friend who teaches highschool French and English asked if she could use it in her class to show her students just how difficult translation is.

  3. I love it!
    What would really be amusing is if you came home in December speaking Engrish! Don't let them convert you!

    We have clients from Japan coming in to see us next week - do you have any tips?

    I checked our client's website and they have a section of foods imported from "HUMGARY"...

  4. That probably won't happen--I don't think there are any Engrish tv shows and the majority of people that I work with have very good English!

    The best is really found on the packaging. You need to come just to see that for yourself :)

    As for tips, I really don't have any that apply to social interactions outside of Japan. I know that there are LOTS of sites that talk about busines etiquette. I hope this means that you might be returning the favour and coming here to see them!

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